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Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten Sommer 2020

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8034   Cross-Cultural Communication and Cooperation

Seminar / Wahlfach SS 2020    Sprache: Englisch    2 SWS    
Laut SPO für:
CLIC - Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Verantw. Dozent:
Hauptbelegungszeitraum    02.03.2020 - 01.05.2020    aktuell
Termin: Samstag   09:00  -  16:00    Einzelter.    Maximal 20 Teilnehmer
Beginn : 16.05.2020    Ende : 16.05.2020
Durchf. Dozent:   Rudolph       Raum :   C017   Gebäude C  

Samstag   09:00  -  16:00    Einzelter.    Maximal 20 Teilnehmer
Beginn : 23.05.2020    Ende : 23.05.2020
Durchf. Dozent:   Rudolph       Raum :   C017   Gebäude C  

Samstag   09:00  -  16:00    Einzelter.    Maximal 20 Teilnehmer
Beginn : 13.06.2020    Ende : 13.06.2020
Durchf. Dozent:   Rudolph       Raum :   C017   Gebäude C  

1. Different definitions of culture and cross cultural competence (becoming acquainted with differing ways of determining the abstract notion of culture)
2. Models / Representations of culture (making the abstract notion of culture palpable by using metaphors – learning which limitations exist)
3. Differing value orientations between cultures – getting to know „self“ and „others“ (The best approach of knowing others is getting to know who you are first)
4. Different cultural models (E.T. Hall, Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, Hofstede, R. Lewis, Erin Mayer)
5. How different value orientations influence communication (Getting to know there is no such thing as “normal” communication; realizing there are very many differences in cultural communication across age cohorts, gender, organizations, professions, aficionados – hence by far not only nations!)
6. Culture specific communication barriers, including stereotypes and prejudices (How cultural differences can be an obstacle to harmony, peace, understanding and achievement/productivity/effectiveness/efficiency – hence organizational performance in a working environment)
7. Communicating in cross cultural conflict situations – solving and mediating conflict (What to do to identify what do to in a conflict situation: avoid conflict, impose oneself, give in, solve? – What to do to help others who are involved in a culturally determined/influenced conflict?)
8. Specific cross cultural situations (When presented with specific cross cultural incidents that are – or may become – problematic: How do you assess the situation and what would you do?)

• Lecturer’s Input
• Roleplays
• Questionnaires
• Case Studies
• Video analyses
• Critical Incidents
• Practical exercices
• Group, partner and individual work assignments
Portfolio (instead of a written exam) : Construct a critical incident and the analysis thereof, based on given examples

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