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Autoren des Beitrags   
Titel des Beitrags Determination of light scattering in water vapour by the use of simulations of scattering in fog
Titel-Erweiterung des Beitrags Poster OuS_4614_030
Titel veröffentlicht in ... EOS Topical Meetings at Capri, Advanved programme
Publikations-Art Kongressschrift / Tagungsband Name der Konferenz/Veranstaltung 4th EOS Topical Meeting on Optical Microsystems (OuS’11)
Tagungsort Capri (Italy) Tagungsdatum 26.09.2011 Berichtsjahr 2011
URL : http://www.myeos.org/system/files/events/Capri2011/EOS_TOMs_Capri2011_advance_programme.pdf
Abstract : Water droplets affect the performance of optical sensors. In this paper the scattering of light by small water droplets in the work environment is being studied. It is shown that the applied method for the simulations is confirmed by test results. It is assessed that water vapour is compa-rable to moderate fog with a 170 times higher density.
Einrichtungen Institut für Angewandte Forschung (IAF)
Beteiligte Personen Pfeffer , Michael Prof. Dr. sc. techn.
Projekte Wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen